The ultimate list of public domains images free options

The ultimate list of public domains images free options

Do you know what Public Domain means? It is a term that describes different kinds of materials that are available to the public for free. These materials don’t come with any copyrights and intellectual property rights. Today, more and more people are launching their own websites and they need beautiful photos to make their website more attractive. That’s why there are many websites where you can find free photos that you can use in different kinds of projects including commercial websites. In this blog post, we will focus on the best public domains images free options.

Wikimedia Commons

The vast majority of the images found on Wikipedia belong to the Wikimedia Commons. This is actually a huge database that includes more than ten million media files. Many of them are public domain images. Their number is increasing all the time because different organizations and institutes are donating this type of photos. For example, a couple of years ago the RINA (Russian International News Agency) has added over one hundred historical photos that they’ve owned. Users can search for media files depending on their source, license, author, type, location, and topic. There are subcategories too for even simpler research.

Public Domain Photos

This is another example of a great website where you can find free public domain images. To be more precise, this online platform has more than 8000 free clip arts and 5000 photos. Don’t forget that you can use these images for personal and commercial purposes. Unlike many other sites of this type, Public Domain Photos has images that come in only one resolution, but the good thing is that this resolution is usually high. You can look for images based on category or tag.

Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures acts as a repository for public domain images. The thing that makes this platform unique is that it is managed by the users. In other words, all the images found here are uploaded by users. Not all of the images found here are free for commercial use, but there is a clear description that will help you determine whether these images are free for commercial use or not. These images can be searched by category. The images come with a few tags that make it easier for users to find the image they are looking for.

These are examples of some of the best sites for public domain images.

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