How to Find, Download & Use Creative Commons Images online on Flickr

Flickr is one of the best online sources when it comes to finding and downloading Creative Commons images! Read the article and check how the process goes!

Today, finding great photos which you can use is really easy! However, before you decide to download and use one, you want to make sure of the license, public domain, creative commons, copyright, and etc.
If you are looking for Creative Commons images online, Flickr is without a doubt your best option. This website can offer you a plethora of high-quality and high-resolution stock photos.

In this article, we will show you how to find the right photo, how to download and use

Photos Online on Flickr

Let’s start:

  • Explore – The first thing you need to do is explore. If this is your first time using this website, you need to dedicate some time, go through the different categories, and analyze the photos presented. You will notice thousands of different photos, all of a great quality. In order to find the right photo, you need to know exactly what are you looking for. If you don’t you will spend a few hours, looking at the photos available. Flickr has its own Creative Commons section, so if you don’t want to lose time, you can go straight to this section.
  • Find the desired photo & check the license – Once you have determined the type of photo you are looking for, you can choose your desired photo. It is very important to check and determine what the license is. Depending on the use of the photo, as well as, the website, you may be restricted from using the photo.
  • Choose the size of the photo – You have found an appropriate photo, you have double-checked the photo and now you are absolutely sure you can use the photo. If everything is in this order, you are ready to continue to the next step. The next thing you should do is click on “All Sizes” icon and choose the size you want to download. You will notice that there are different sizes to choose from. There are small, medium, large sizes, square, thumbnail, and etc. Check which size suits your needs the most and choose that exact size. Once you have made a decision, the photo will be saved as a series of numbers. If you want, you can rename the photo, but please keep in mind that you have the relevant information for the attribution.
  • Download the photo – The final step is downloading the photo. All you have to do is click “download” and the photo will be automatically downloaded. Most of the photos can be used for both personal and commercial uses (please double check whether or not you can use the photo for commercial purposes so you can avoid legal issues in the future).

That’s it! This is how you find, download, and use Creative Commons images on Flickr. Flickr is one of the best online photo and video sharing platforms in the world and can offer you a great selection of photos which can be used for websites, blogs, social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and others, business presentations, emails, and etc. The one downside is that even though you can filter the content by Creative Commons license, attribution is required. This means that you must give appropriate credit and inform if changes were made. If you don’t mind these things, Flickr is a great option for everyone who is looking for free and high-quality photos.

We hope this article was helpful and you have managed to learn the process of finding and downloading stock free Images digital.

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